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  • Market-leading commissions
  • 70% of our commission for your first 3 cases
  • 55% of the commission thereafter
  • Record payout £46,000
  • Average payout £1,640

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No need to be equity release qualified, we will handle the compliance.
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Are your over-55 clients looking to:

  • Transform luxury travel dreams into a reality?
  • Make that ultimate purchase – whatever the imagination desires?
  • Support their family by gifting an early inheritance?
  • Increase the comfort and value or their home with renovations?

If so, then equity release could help them realise their ambitions.

£3 Billion

Last year was a record year for the Equity Release Industry, with lending surpassing £3 billion for the first time ever, a 120% increase since 2014. At Responsible Equity Release, we want you to have your share of this rapidly growing industry.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to register as a Responsible Equity Release Introducer.
IT’S COMPLETELY FREE, you require no additional equity release qualifications, and we handle the compliance.
We simply provide you with the platform and tools to help you help your clients.

Responsible Equity Release Introducers benefit from market-leading introduction fees,
receiving 70% of the commission of the first 3 cases, and 55% thereafter.
What’s more, there’s no need to be qualified to earn your commission.

Average commission pay-out: £1,640

record: £46,000

With an average commission pay-out is £1,640 – and a record of £46,000 – the Responsible Equity Release Introduction scheme is the perfect way to take advantage of a rapidly growing sector, with a measured and risk-free first step.

Last year we recorded a 53% year-on-year increase in the number of applications made across the nation, releasing an average of £72,375 tax-free cash from the homes of our customers.

Referring to us means that you can still help your clients, whilst remaining focused on your core expert subjects. You can make the most of the equity release opportunities, whilst giving your clients the ability to realise their later-life ambitions by accessing tax-free cash.

The Changing Face of Equity Release

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